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A big part of the female population knows about diseases which could seriously dampen the life of women at any age, firsthand. Female illnesses inevitably entail various problems, the most obvious of which are the direct consequences of female genital diseases such as: infertility, loneliness, lack of private life. Unfortunately, traditional treatments, often fail to solve these problems or even aggravate them. Medically suppressed production of female sex hormones or surgery actually causes the woman to stop being a woman. However, it is possible to get rid of diseases without harming the organism by using the PHYITOLASERPHORESIS method, which has been developed and successfully clinically implemented by V.G. Kupeev, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Corresponding Member the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Tula State University.

This book deals with the treatment of the following diseases:

— Face and body skin diseases; 

— Phlebeurysm; 

— Fibrocystic breast condition; 

— Endometriosis; 

— Uterine fibroids; 

— Kraurosis vulvae; 

— Adnexitis; 

— Adhesive disease: Pelvic adhesions.

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Kupeev V.G. The Whole Truth about Youth, Beauty and Female Illnesses (2015)

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